Cold Calling Truths

Learn the 7 Cold Calling Truths: Attitude - Be an Expert - Spidey Senses - Language - Open Doors - Unlock Opportunities - Let's Get Physical


Cold Call Assessment

Complete our Cold Calling Assessment. Take a few minutes to find out how you rank. Do you believe you have what it takes to create relationships on the phone. It really is not as hard as you think.The way we teach you, it really is not cold calling. Or even what old sales guys called warm-calling which really was simply 'I sent you a letter so . . .


Live Calling Assessment

A Personal Calling Assessment is your next step. This live calling assessment of your calling skills. You will work with you on your top needs to be sure you improve immediately.


Calling Techniques


Learn the Basics
Build Rapport
Hot Buttons
Close Naturally

Social Marketing Calls


The 'New-Improved' version of Cold Calling employs Social Media - and you will get first-hand knowledge to take it all the way.

Great Communicators


Leadership and communication go hand in hand - and selling products, services and ideas takes leadership and Great Communication.